Online Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator For Personal, Home, Car Loan

You can access the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator 2017 on this page. We have provided the complete details of the Allahabad Bank EMI loan facility, Updated interest rates in Allahabad bank. If you are in need of loan in Allahabad bank, you can use the EMI Calculator of Allahabad bank to check the monthly installment amounts to clear the loan amount. The Allahabad Bank offers a wide range of loan benefits for all kinds of loans. So, we have provided the Allahabad bank personal loan calculator, Allahabad bank home loan EMI calculator, and the Allahabad Bank Car Loan EMI calculator below.

After you check the EMI to be paid using the EMI calculator Allahabad bank, you can also check the eligibility to apply for the Allahabad bank loan. Moreover, you can scroll down this page to know more about Allahabad loan details, feature, and Documents required, etc.

Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator Online

Firstly, get a clear idea of What is EMI?, before you use the Allahabad bank loan EMI calculator. The EMI is nothing but the Equated monthly installment amount which is paid by the borrower to the bank throughout the loan tenure. The interest will be calculated on the total loan amount, and the calculated interest will be added to the loan amount, and it is divided by the loan tenure, i.e., months. Hence, that calculated amount is to be paid by the loan applicant every month on a fixed date. So, to perform this complex calculation, it is very difficult for you. Therefore we have provided the EMI calculator of Allahabad bank for the Home loan, Personal loan and Car loan along with the New Allahabad bank loan interest rates in the below sections of this page.

The following are the EMI calculators of Allahabad Bank.

  • Allahabad bank personal loan EMI calculator.
  • Allahabad bank home loan EMI calculator.
  •  Car loan EMI calculator of Allahabad Bank.

The Allahabad Bank is one of the nationalized banks in India with its headquarters at Kolkata. This bank was established in the year 1865. On 24 April 2014, this bank completes 150 years of establishment. The Allahabad Bank has 2,500 branches all over India. It provides the services to all its customers through its branches in all cities and ATM’s. Allahabad bank has the various banking facilities which are user-friendly. Use the Allahabad bank Equated Monthly Installment Calculator for the Car Loan, Home Loan and personal loan below.

Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator

About Allahabad Bank EMI Details

Allahabad Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

At some stage of everyone’s life, we need the Personal loan for our personal purposes such as education, hospital, marriages, functions, etc. So if you want to take the personal loan, you may apply for the personal loan in  Allahabad bank. Before you apply for the Personal loan Allahabad bank check out the Allahabad bank personal login details, How to apply for the Personal loan from Allahabad Bank and Personal Loan Benefits etc. The Allahabad Bank Education loan EMI calculator to calculate education loan EMI is also available. You can find the procedure for using the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator for the Personal loan below.

How To Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator of Allahabad Bank?

  1. On clicking the link below the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator opens.
  2. Now, the EMI calculator opens.
  3. Enter the Personal loan amount, Personal Loan interest rate of Allahabad bank and loan tenure, etc.
  4. Click on “calculate.”
  5. Within seconds, the Personal loan EMI details will be displayed on the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator.

 Personal Loan EMI Calculator of Allahabad Bank 

Allahabad Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

Allahabad Bank Personal Loan Details
Allahabad bank personal loan interest rate 2017 11.60% – 13.60%
Processing Fees Nil
Loan Tenure 5 years
Pre Payment Charges 2.25% of Outstanding Balance only in case of the takeover.
Guarantor Requirement Yes
Repayment Period Maximum 60 Equated Monthly Installments (EMI).
Moratorium 1 month
Margin 10%

Have a glance at the above table to know the Personal loan interest rates in Allahabad bank. Along with the loan interest, there will be some additional charges. So, carefully check them before you apply for Allahabad Bank personal loan apply online facility.

Allahabad Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum monthly salary must be Rs.20000 per month.
  • The minimum age of the applicant must be 21 years.
  • The minimum Personal loan amount is of Rs.50000/-.
  • Maximum age to apply for the Personal loan in Allahabad bank is 65 years.
  •  Individual.
  • Salaried.
  • Self-employed.
  • Doctors.
  • Medical practitioners.
  • State government & central government employees.
  • Teachers.

All the above-mentioned categories of people have the eligibility to apply for the Personal loan in Allahabad bank. However, you can also check out the eligibility o apply for the Personal loan using the Allahabad Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator. If you are eligible, you can apply through Allahabad Bank personal banking login.

Allahabad Bank Personal Loan Documents List

  • Allahabad Personal Loan Application form which is signed by the applicant.
  • Passport/ Voter ID/ Driving License.
  • Processing Fee Cheque.
  • Past 6 months bank statement.
  • Salary slip of the applicant.
  • ITR return form.
  • Form 16.

Attach the Personal Loan Application form of Allahabad Bank to the above-mentioned documents list and submit them in the Allahabad bank.

Features & Benefits of Personal loan in Allahabad Bank

  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Guarantee of spouse or parents in case if the applicant is unmarried.
  • New Saral Loan Scheme.
  • Low processing fee.
  • High security.
  • Hypothecation of articles financed.
  • Quantum of Finance.
  • The following are the several purposes of which you can avail the Personal loan.
    • Personal Loan may be utilized for the purpose of purchasing consumer items.
    • Two wheeler.
    • To meet domestic/ social/ religious and other expenses.
    • Personal use.
    • Education.
    • Marriage.

To avail all the benefits, immediately use the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator, then you can apply for the Personal loan Allahabad bank.

Home Loan EMI Calculator Allahabad Bank 

If you are planning to have a new house, then you can buy it through the Allahabad home loan scheme. With the help of the Home loan through the EMI scheme, you can manage the financial budget of your house. In the Allahabad, the home loan can be availed even for the renovation and reconstructions. You can even buy a new house or a plot using this Home loan amount. However, the Home loan scheme in the Allahabad bank is so convenient and has many facilities that aid you. Therefore, check out the complete info about the Allahabad Home loan details such as the updated Home loan interest rates in Allahabad, Eligibility, benefits and the documents list below.

After you take the home loan on EMI basis, you need to pay the installment amount every month. So, usually, we calculate the EMI before we apply for the Home loan. Even you can make the Home loan EMI calculation manually, to make the perfect and accurate calculation you need a calculator which is nothing but the Home loan calculatorAllahabadd bank.

Steps To Use Home Loan EMI Calculator Allahabad Bank

  1. Click on the link below to open Allahabad bank home loan EMI calculator. Otherwise, you can get theAllahabad bank home loan calculator on the Allahabad Bank home page.
  2. Now, the EMI calculator for Home loan opens in a new tab.
  3. Enter the following details on the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator.
    • Home Loan Amount.
    • Interest rate.
    • Loan Tenure (months/ years).
  4. Finally, click on “calculate.”
  5. Then, the EMI amount, Total Interest Rate, and Total payment are displayed on Home loan calculator Allahabad bank.

Allahabad Bank Home Loan Calculator

Allahabad Bank Home Loan Interest Rate 2017

Details of Allahabad Bank Home loan 
Allahabad Bank home loan interest rates 8.75%
Allahabad bank home loan processing fees Upto Rs.17250/-
Prepayment Charges Nil
Lowest Home Loan EMI Rs.784 per lakh
Minimum Income per month Rs.10000/-.
Loan Repayment Tenure 30 years

Look at the above table to check the Home Loan Interest Rates Allahabad Bank and other processing charges. For more detailed interests check out them at the Allahabad Bank official site.

Features & Benefits of Home Loan in Allahabad Bank

  • The Allahabad bank home loan rate of interest is very low.
  • Flexible loan repayment tenure.
  • Home loans can be availed for the construction also.
  • Documentation is Simple.
  • NRI’s are also eligible to apply for home loan.
  • The pre-approved loan validity is for 6 months.
  • The home loan can be applied for the following purpose;
    • To purchase house/ flat.
    • To construct house/ plot.
    • Renovation/ repair of the existing house.
    • To complete the construction of the unfinished house.
    • To buy 2 nd residential house.
  • The are several Home loan schemes in the Allahabad Bank which are as follows
    1. APPL for Housing Loan (AllBank Pre-approved Limit)Your pre-approved housing loan is ready even
    2. AB Ashiana Scheme: For the construction of a residential house on land already owned.
    3. Housing Loan for NRI/ PIO: For construction of residential house on land already owned
    4. The Housing Loan for High Networth Individuals: For the building of a residential house on land already owned.
    5. Housing Finance Scheme for Furnishing: For furnishing/ repairing of existing / new flats /houses.
    6. Housing Loan Scheme for Pensioners: For the construction of a residential house on land already owned.

Hence, to avail all the above benefits you can apply for the Allahabad bank home loan EMI. You can apply for the Home loan from Allahabad bank through online also.

Allahabad Bank Home Loan Eligibility 

  • Employed.
  • Pensioners.
  • If the applicant is a salaried person, the age must be between 21 to 60 years.
  • In case, if the applicant is a self-employed individual the age must be 21 to 65 years.
  • HUF.
  • NR’s.

You can also use the Allahabad bank home loan eligibility calculator to check the eligibility to apply for the Home loan.

Allahabad Bank Home Loan Documents

  • ID Proof.
  • Resident Proof.
  • Processing fee Cheque.
  • Signed Allahabad bank home loan application form along with passport size photo.
  • Latest bank statements.
  • Allahabad Bank Home Loan Documents Required for Salaried Applicants
    • Last 3 years ITR.
    • Last three years CA Certified Balance Sheet.
  • Documentation for self-employed applicants
    • Income Tax Return Certificate.
    • Computation of Income.

If you submit the above documents along with the Home Loan application of Allahabad bank you can easily get the Home loan in Allahabad bank.

Allahabad Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator

In the present generation, the Vehicle is mandatory for all to move from one place to other. So, you need to buy a vehicle. But, the cost of your favorite vehicle may be in lakhs. Hence, to buy easily the car loan EMI in Allahabad bank is the best option. So that you can buy the car through this scheme of Car loan Allahabad bank. You can clear off the EMI amount monthly. Therefore, before you apply for the Car loan in Allahabad bank, you need to do EMI calculations. For that, you can check out Car Loan Interest rates of Allahabad bank below & calculate EMI using the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator for the Car loan.

How To Use Car Loan EMI Calculator Allahabad Bank?

  1. Hit the link below to open the Car loan Allahabad Bank EMI, Calculator.
  2. Now, the Car loan EMI calculator opens.
  3. Enter the Car loan interest rate, tenure, and loan amount.
  4. Click on “calculate.”
  5. Then, within few seconds the Car loan EMI details are displayed on Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator.

Car Loan EMI Calculator Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank Car Loan Interest Rate 2017

Allahabad Car Loan Details
Interest Rate 9.10%
Processing Fees 0.50% of the loan amount
 Margin for New Vechiicle  15% of the cost of vehicle
 Margin of Old Vechicle 85% of the cost of vehicle
Pre-closure Charges 2.28%
Guarantor Requirement No
Loan Repayment Tenure 1 year to 7 years
 Maximum Loan Limit  3 times of Net Annual Salary/ Net Annual Income.

The Allahabad bank car loan rate of interest mentioned in the above table helps you while calculating the Allahabad Bank Car Loan EMI.

 Allahabad Bank Car Loan Eligibility

  • For Salaried Person: Minimum monthly income is Rs. 25,000/-.
  • For Agriculturist: Minimum 5 acres of irrigated land.
  • Professional & Self-Employed or Businessmen: An IT assessee.
  • Retired Persons: The Monthly pension of Rs. 15,000/- is required.
  • Firm/ Companies: Net profit Income is sufficient.

All Salaried persons, Businessmen, Firms, Companies, Agriculturist, Professionals & Self-Employed, Pensioners of State, State Government, etc. are eligible to apply for the Car loan in Allahabad Bank.

Allahabad Bank Car Loan EMI Features & Benefits

  • The Car loan in the Allahabad bank can be issued for the following purposes.
    • New Vehicle for Personal use or Official use.
    • Purchase of old Vehicle.
    • The vehicle you buy may be a JEEP, Car, Van, Multi Utility Vehicles.
  • Flexible Car loan repayments, i.e., for new the Vehicle is maximum 84 Months, for Company and Firm is 60 months.
  • Hypothecation of Vehicle.
  • Security for both Old and New Car Loans.
  • Car loan EMI in Allahabad Bank can be availed by all categories of people.
  • Loan tenures are convenient for all.
  •  Smooth documentation charges.

After you see all the benefits and features if you are willing to Apply for Allahabad Bank Car Loan you can calculate EMI using the Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator for the Car loan.

Allahabad Car Loan EMI – Required Documents

  • ID Proof: Voters ID card/PAN card/Driving License/ Passport/ Aadhar Card etc.
  • Age Proof: Latest Electricity Bill/ Driving License /Latest Landline Telephone Bill.
  • Latest 6 months Bank Statements.
  • For Salaried Persons the past few years salary slip is mandatory.
  • ITR Form.
  • Date of Birth Proof.
  • Allahabad Bank Car Loan Application Form.

Our site, is exclusive to provide the EMI details. So, we provide you all the latest info regarding the EMI loan in Allahabad Bank, New Allahabad bank interest rates, Allahabad Bank EMI Calculator, etc.

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