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You can access Latest Axis Bank EMI Calculator 2017 on this page. The Axis bank loan EMI calculator helps you to decide the loan amount. So, in case if you don’t know How to use the Axis Bank EMI calculator?, once go through this entire page and avail the Axis bank loan on EMI basis at low-interest rates. To apply for the Axis bank loan you need a check the eligibility. So, the Axis bank loan eligibility calculator is provided. You can use Axis bank home loan EMI calculator, Axis bank personal loan EMI calculator, Axis bank car loan calculator for the respective loan you apply. Not only Axis Bank EMI calculator we have also given the  Axis bank required documents.

Axis Bank EMI Calculator

If you want to take the loan in Axis Bank on EMI, you have to calculate the EMI of the different loan amount and interest rate. So, that you can decide the Axis bank loan amount easily. If you do the EMI calculation manually, it will be so difficult. Hence, we suggest you use EMI Calculator Axis Bank. By using this Axis Bank EMI,  you can easily calculate the Equated monthly installments. Just if you enter the loan amount, interest rate, loan tenure you will get the payment per month within few seconds.

 What is Axis Bank EMI?

Every individual at a point in their life will need a loan to buy a car or home etc. But, we can’t invest huge amounts at a time. So, the Axis Bank offers the attractive schemes on different types of loans. The EMI is the Equate Monthly Installment, which is a fixed amount. It is the amount which is paid by the borrower to the lender every month on a fixed date. As the loan repayment is done monthly, it will be comfortable to repay the loan for even the middle-class people. The interest rate and the loan tenure are the key factors to calculate Axis Bank EMI. Interest rate varies from bank to bank, and the Axis bank interest rates are low.

 Axis Bank Loan Benefits

  • Small EMI’s.
  • Both Floating and Fixed Interest Rates.
  • Prepayment charges are low.
  • Special Balance Transfer Schemes.
  • Loans are sanctioned less time.
  • Good Rate of Interest.
  • Excellent Customer Services.
  • Verification & Documentation are simple.
  • Transaction Service via SMS.

Types Of Axis Bank loans

  • Axis Bank Home Loan.
  • Personal loan in Axis Bank.
  • Axis Bank Car loan.

Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The personal Loan is the most common type of loan we know. Now, the personal loans are available on EMI basis. So, if you choose the Axis bank personal loan you need an Axis Bank personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the personal loan monthly installments. Online Personal Loan Axis Bank EMI calculator is so convenient and flexible to use. Personal loan EMI calculator Axis Bank is the tool which aids you in deciding the loan amount. Without this Axis Bank EMI Calculator for  Personal loan calculation, it is so complicated task to calculate Axis bank personal loan EMI. Axis Bank offers the eDGE Loyalty reward points depending on your Axis bank personal loan amount.

Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI Features

Criteria Description
Axis Bank Maximum Personal Loan Amount  Rs. 50,000
Axis bank minimum Personal Loan Amount   Rs. 15,00,000
Axis Bank Personal loan tenure  12 to 60 months
Minimum Age for Axis Bank Personal Loan  21 years

Axis Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Salaried Employees.
  • Salaried doctors.
  • Minimum age of 21 years.
  • Maximum age of 60 years.
  • Minimum net monthly income – Rs. 15,000.
  • Government sector employees including Public Sectors.
  • Public and private limited companies.
  • Employees of Public and private limited companies.

All individuals with the above mentioned Personal loan eligibility Axis Bank can apply for Axis Bank Personal loan EMI.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates & Other Processing Charges

Rate of Interest 15.50% to 24%
Loan Processing Charges 1.50% to 2.00% + Service Tax
Cheque Bounce Charges Rs. 500 per cheque bounce + Service Tax

Documents Required For Axis Bank Personal Loan

  • Age proof.
  • ID proof.
  • Income proof.
  • Residence proof.
  • Signature verification proof.
  • Application form.
  • Photograph.
  • Bank statement.

Axis Personal Loan EMI Calculator

  • Click on below link or Click here:
  • Then, the Personal loan EMI Calculator Axis bank will open.
  • Now, enter the Personal loan EMI interest rate od axis bank, loan amount and tenure.
  • Finally, click on “calculate”.
  • Then, your personal EMI amount is calculated in Axis Bank EMI Calculator.
Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Axis Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Are you worried about buying a Home? Don’t worry. Use the Axis bank EMI Calculator for Home loan and calculate Axis bank home loan EMI per month. Then it will be easy to determine the loan amount. So, you have to know about the home loan EMI calculator Axis bank, Axis bank home loan eligibility, Axis bank home loan interest rates etc. Not only about home loan EMI in Axis bank but also we have mentioned the Axis bank home loan EMI documents below.

Axis Bank Housing Loan Benefits

  • Attractive Interest Rates & Interest rate types.
  • Easy loan transfer.
  • No prepayment charges.
  • Long loan Repay tenures.
  • Earn eDGE loyalty reward points.

Axis Bank Home Loan Interest Rates & Other Charges

 Axis Bank Home Loan Interest – For Salaried
Axis Bank Home loan Floating Rate (Up to Rs. 28 lakhs)   9.45%
Axis Bank Home loan Floating Rate (More than Rs. 28 lakhs) 9.50%
Home Loan Interest Rate Axis – Self Employed
Axis Bank Home loan Floating Rate (Up to Rs. 28 lakhs) 9.55%
Axis Bank Home loan Floating Rate (More than Rs. 28 lakhs) 9.60%
Axis Bank Home loan Processing Fee 0.5% of the loan amount

Axis Bank Home Loan Eligibility

Eligibility For Axis Bank Home Loan – Salaried Individuals
  • The Employee in government or reputed company.
  • Age: 18-60 years.
Home Loan Eligibility in Axis Bank – Professionals
  • The professional may be doctors, engineers, dentists, architects, chartered accountants, cost accountants.
  • Age limit: 21-65 years.

The above given are some of the axis bank loan eligibilities. For furthermore, Axis bank loan eligibilities, you can use the Axis bank home loan Eligibility Calculator.

 Axis Bank Home Loan Documents

Documents Salaried Self Employed
Identity Proof passport/Voter’s ID/Valid Driving license with photograph /Pan card /Aadhar card
Income Proof Latest 3 months salary slip/Latest or Form 16/
Last 6 months bank statement
IT- returns for the last 2 years/
Last 6 months Bank statement.
Resident Proof Latest Electricity bill/ telephone bill/ Passport

 Home Loan EMI Calculator Axis Bank

  • Click on below link or Click here:
  • Then, home loan EMI calculator for axis bank opens.
  • Now, using the scroller enter the Axis bank home loan EMI interest rate, tenure, loan amount, and Processing fee.
  • At last click on “calculate”.
  • The total home loan amount payable per month is calculated automatically.
Axis Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Axis Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator

All of us desire to have an own car. But, due to the financial problems, we may not buy. So, Axis bank offers a great opportunity to avail Axis bank car loan on EMI. To calculate the monthly installments of the car loan the EMI calculator for Axis bank is needed. Therefore, we have provided the details about the Axis bank EMI calculator for Car loan on this page.

Axis Bank Car Loan Benefits

  • Car loan tenure is 1-7 years.
  • Earn eDGE loyalty reward points.
  • Any individual can apply ( HUF/ Self-employed/ Partnership/ Trust/ Proprietorship).
  • High loan amounts.
  • High LTV Ratio.
  • Minimum loan Amount is Rs. 1, 00, 000.

Axis Bank Care Laon Interest Rates & Other

Interest Rate  11.00% – 12.00%
Processing Fee Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5500
Documentation Charges Rs.300/-

Documents Axis Bank Car Laon

  • Age proof.
  • ID proof.
  • Bank statement.
  • Signature verification proof.
  • Pro-forma Invoice or Rate List.
  • Application form.
  • Photograph.
  • Residence proof.
  • Income proof.

The above given are the documents required for Axis Bank Car loan. These axis bank car loan documents are mandatory to apply for Axis bank loan.

Axis Bank Car Loan Eligibility

The car loan eligibility for car loan in axis bank is for the Salaried individuals, self-employed individuals, Self-employed non-individuals. To check the car loan eligibility axis bank you can use the Axis bank car loan eligibility calculator.

Salaried Individual 

  • Age Limit: 21-70 years.
  • Net annual Income:Rs. 2,40,000 p.a.
  • 3 years minimum employment.

Self Employed Individuals

  • Age limit:  18-75 years.
  • Net Income Range: Rs. 1,80,000 p.a.
  • 3 years minimum employment.

Car Loan EMI Calculator Axis Bank

  • Click the link given below or Click here to open Axis Car Lona EMI Calculator,
  • Car loan Axis bank EMI calculator will be opened.
  • Now, enter the car loan total amount, tenure, interest rate etc on the EMI calculator Car loan Axis Bank.
  • Finally, click on “calculate”.
  • Within a fraction of seconds, the car loan monthly EMI is calculated and appear on the screen.
Axis Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator
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