Online Canara Bank EMI Calculator for Housing, Personal, Car Loans

Here is the Canara Bank EMI Calculator to check your Equated Monthly Installment amount. Because Canara Bank offers EMI for Car loans, personal loans, and Home loans. The bank also provides the Canara EMI calculator for a personal loan, Canara Home Loan EMI calculator, and Car loan EMI calculator. Hence you are at ease in finding the Canara Bank monthly EMI amount. Read the complete article to know about Canara Bank interest rates, Canara bank loan eligibility, etc.

Canara Bank EMI Calculator

To calculate your monthly EMI payments, the Canara Bank Online EMI calculator is the best tool. After you take a loan on the car, home, or a personal loan, you should pay the EMI till the Loan tenure completes. You can also calculate the EMI loan payment manually with an EMI formula which is a time taking process.

Canara Bank is one of the Indian state-owned banks with its headquarters located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is also one of the oldest banks in India since it was established in the year 1906 in Mangalore. Canara bank got its government nationalisation in the year 1969. By 2016 September, the bank has over 10026 ATMs, 5849 branches all over India. Not only in India, the bank has its branches in London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Doga, Shanghai, Bahrain, New York, Dubai, etc.

So, to know more details on Canara Bank EMI, click here

Canara Bank EMI Calculator

Canara Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Payment of a Personal Loan from Canara Bank is through EMI. This consists of the principal amount, interest charges. So, to know the breakup of charges and EMI amount beforehand is important. The Canara Bank EMI calculator for the Personal loan gives you the amount you will be paying over the fixed term. It makes you understand the loan amortisation.

The Canara Bank Personal Loan Calculator helps in estimating the instalment amount also. Moreover, this is an easy-to-use tool which gives you the output within seconds. So, you can know the Canara bank personal loan interest rates and your monthly EMI payment on this page. Have a look at the usage of Canara Bank EMI Calculator for the Personal loan.

How to Use Canara Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculator?

  1. Click the below link to Canara Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator.
  2. The Canara Bank EMI calculator for personal loan appears on your screen.
  3. Enter your Canara Bank Personal Loan details of the loan amount, Personal loan rate of interest in Canara bank, and loan tenure.
  4. Recheck for any mistakes in your details.
  5. Then click “calculate”.
  6. Your Canara bank personal loan monthly payment appears on your screen.

So, to use the Canara Bank EMI Calculator for Personal loans, click the below link.

Personal Loan Calculator in Canara Bank

Features of Canara Personal Loan EMI Calculator

  • The personal loan EMI calculator of Canara bank gives you the exact EMI value which you need to pay every month.
  • This helps you to adjust the tenure of the loan clearing and deciding the loan amount you want to avail from Canara bank.
  • The amortisation table where you see the details of the breakup of principal amount and interest charges.
  • So, you can plan your monthly budget by yourselves.
  • You can also get the pie chart of the financial charges breakup of the loan amount, interest charges.

Canara Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates 2017

Rate of Interest for Personal Loan in Canara Bank
Particulars Salaried
Rate of Interest One Year MCLR + 4.30% = 13.60% per annum
Loan Amount Equivalent to gross salary of 6 months or Rs.3 lakh, whichever is lesser
Loan Tenure Up to 60 instalments
Lowest EMI Not available
Processing Fee 0.5% of the loan, a minimum and maximum of Rs.1,000 and Rs.5,000
Age No limit specification
Prepayment Charges Not available
Foreclosure Charges Not available

Canara Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

To calculate the overall cost of your Home Loan in Canara Bank, you can use ours below Home Loan EMI calculator of Canara Bank. It helps you understand the Equated Monthly Installments on the home loan that you have availed from Canara bank. We provide the simple and an easy-to-use Canara Bank EMI Calculator for Home loans. This has many benefits like the following.

  • Through the instant online housing loan EMI calculator of Canara Bank, you can know all the details of your home loan.
  • The process of usage is quick and accurate result yielding.
  • Get information on Canara Bank home loan, current home loan interest rates in Canara bank, EMI amount, amortisation schedule, etc.
  • It helps to plan your budget and expenses accordingly.
  • Moreover,  the Canara Bank EMI calculator for the home loan is totally a cost-free tool.

How to Use Canara Bank Housing Loan EMI Calculator?

  1. Click on the link below to use Canara Bank EMI calculator for the home loan.
  2. The Canara Bank housing loan calculator appears on your screen.
  3. Enter your Canara Bank home loan details like home loan interest in Canara bank, loan tenure, etc.
  4. Check whether you have entered any wrong details.
  5. Then click “calculate.”
  6. The EMI amount you should pay on your housing loan in Canara bank appears withing seconds.

So, to use the Canara bank home loan EMI interest rate calculator, click the below link.

Home Loan EMI calculator of Canara Bank

Canara Bank Home Loan Interest Rates

Home Loan interest rates in Canara Bank
Loan amount Rates of Interest
Up to Rs.100 lakhs 1-year MCLR + 0.20%
More than Rs. 100 lakhs 1-year MCLR + 0.30%

MCLR Home Loan Interest Rates in Canara Bank

The Marginal Cost of Funds-Based Lending Rate (MCLR) benchmark for Canara Bank home loans is the 1-year rate. Here are the MCLR rates of Canara bank.

Tenor of the Loan MCLR Rate
Overnight 8.8%
1 Month 9.1%
3 Months 9.2%
6 Months 9.25%
1 year 9.35%

Features of Canara Bank Home Loan EMI Scheme

  • One can avail Canara Bank housing loan for buying, constructing, purchase of a plot/land, renovation of houses.
  • The maximum loan for repairs and renovations given by Canara Bank is Rs.15,00 Lakhs.
  • Moreover, you can transfer balances from private or public sector banks, NBFCs to Canara Bank.
  • Canara Bank provides finance on housing needs with a sum of 4 years’ gross salary for salaries, and gross annual income for self-employed or business individuals.
  • Additionally, the loan claimers should place the documents of their house/apartment as security for getting a home loan.

Canara Bank Home Loan Eligibility

The following set of people is eligible for applying for a house loan from Canara Bank.

  • The salaried individuals who have been employing for at least three years.
  • People who are self-employed, the businessman who are continuing the business for three years.
  • Age of the applicant should be below 55 at the time of availing a loan.
  • However, under certain stipulations, the people above 55 years are also eligible.

Documents for Canara Bank Housing Loan

  • Filled Canara Bank Home loan application form.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Construction, extension, or addition to house’s approved plan copy.
  • Cost estimation or valuation report by the Bank’s architect or a chartered engineer.
  • Apartment Owner’s association or co-operative housing society or the housing board’s allotment letter.
  • A legal scrutiny report, EC for the past 13 years, and a mortgage permission, receipt of property tax payment.
  • The salary certificate and form no.16 if you are a salaried individual.
  • IT returns from the past two years for non-salaried persons.
  • A note with the details of the business, type of organisation, year of the establishment if the applicant is a self-employed. Moreover, he/she should submit the balance sheet and P&L account for the past three years.

Canara Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator

To owe a car is a dream come true for most of the people. But now it is a simple task of owning a car with the Canara bank car loans. Canara Bank offers loans on cars for all the types of vehicles that range from Minis to Sports utility vehicles to Sedans. Moreover, the Canara bank car loan EMI interest rates are attractive too. You can repay them within a tenure of 84 months without much documentation procedure. So, have a look at the Canara Bank EMI calculator for Car loans in the below sections.

You just need to enter some Canara bank car loan details in the columns of EMI calculator for Canara bank car loans. Then the calculator makes the number crunching and provides you with the exact value of Equated Monthly Installment which you need to pay. So, we have given the steps to use Canara Bank EMI calculator for car loans in the below section.

How to Use Car Loan EMI Calculator of Canara Bank?

  1. Click open the below link to Canara bank car loan calculator.
  2. The EMI calculator for Car Loans in Canara bank appears on your screen.
  3. Then fill in the details of car loan interest of Canara bank, loan tenure, the amount of car loan from Canara Bank.
  4. Recheck for any mistakes in your details and then click “calculate.”
  5. The Canara Bank EMI calculator for Car loans displays the monthly instalment payment within seconds.

So, to make use of the Canara Bank Car Loan Eligibility Calculator, click the below link.

EMI Calculator for Car Loan Interest Rate in Canara Bank 

Canara Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

There are some factors which tend to vary the Car loan interest rates of Canara bank. Moreover, the interest rates are the deciding factor for a person to choose Canara Bank Car Loan in particular. The bank offers a wide range of attractive interest rates between the range of 9.90% to 9.95%. However, the loan tenures are in the range of 84 months. There is no maximum limit on the loan amount offered by Canara bank. All the individuals, either self-employed or salaried, can avail loan for at least Rs.3 lakhs per annum.

Car Loan Interest in Canara Bank

Base Rate 9.65%
Rate of Interest
  • First-time female borrower in case of a joint loan – 9.90%
  • Male borrower – 9.95%
Processing Fee 0.25% on the loan amount between Rs. 1000 & Rs. 5000.
Loan Amount 80%/85%/90% of the car price which includes life tax, invoice value, insurance premium, registration charges and also accessories
Loan Duration 84 months
Minimum annual income Rs. Three lakhs annually

Factors Affecting Canara Bank Car Loan Rate of Interest

To decide the Car loan interest rates for Canara bank, there are many factors affecting them. Basing on your choice of tenure, the final amount of Equated Monthly instalment, your interest varies. So, have a look at some other factors in the below section.

Loan Tenure

The tenure of your loan amount ha a great impact on the total amount that the borrower pays. Most of the people choose longer tenures for paying back the loan. However, it may lead to increase the total amount of interest and finally the payment of total amount increases. So, choosing a shorter tenure is the best advice to have lower Equated Monthly Installment on Canara Bank Car Loan.

Some other factors that determine the Canara Bank Car Loan rate of interest are income of the borrower, CIBIL scores, etc.

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